Scala Tutorial - Scala Arrays

The array is a data structure consisting of a collection of elements of the same type.

Elements are associated with an index, usually an integer, which is used to access or replace a particular element.

There are two ways to define an array: specify the total number of elements and then assigns values to the elements, or we can specify all values at once.


The following code shows how to create an array of Strings that may hold up to three elements.

var books:Array[String] = new Array[String](3) 

Here books is declared as an array of Strings that may hold up to three elements. We can simplify the declaration as follows.

var books = new Array[String](3) 

We can define the books array and assign values as follows.

var books = Array("Scala", "Java", "Groovy") 

We can assign values to individual elements or get access to individual elements, using commands shown as follows:

object Main {
  def main(args: Array[String]) {
    var books = new Array[String](3) 
    books(0) = "Scala"; 
    books(1) = "Java"; 
    books(2) = "Groovy" 


The index of the first element of an array is the number 0 and the index of the last element is the total number of elements minus one.