In this chapter you will learn:

  1. What is the difference between StringBuilder and StringBuffer
  2. How to StringBuilder's Constructors to create StringBuilder
  3. How to create StringBuilder with initial String value

StringBuilder vs StringBuffer

StringBuilder is identical to StringBuffer except it is not synchronized. StringBuilder is not thread-safe. StringBuilder is faster than StringBuffer.

StringBuilder creation

We can create StringBuilder with the following four constructors.

  • StringBuilder()
    Creates a string builder and an initial capacity of 16 characters.
  • StringBuilder(CharSequence seq)
    Creates a string builder from the specified CharSequence.
  • StringBuilder(int capacity)
    Creates a string builder with no characters in it and an initial capacity specified by the capacity argument.
  • StringBuilder(String str)
    Creates a string builder initialized to the contents of the specified string.

The following code creates a StringBuilder with initial capacity set to 20.

public class Main {
  public static void main(String[] argv) {
    StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(20);
    //from j  av a  2s  .  c  o  m


The output:

Create StringBuilder with initial String value

Another way to create StringBuilder is to use String value.

public class Main {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    StringBuilder lipsum = new StringBuilder("Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.");
    System.out.println("lipsum = " + lipsum.toString());
//from   j a  va2  s  .  co m
    lipsum.delete(0, 8);
    System.out.println("lipsum = " + lipsum.toString());

    lipsum.deleteCharAt(lipsum.length() - 1);
    System.out.println("lipsum = " + lipsum.toString());

The output:

Next chapter...

What you will learn in the next chapter:

  1. How to append data to the end of a StringBuilder
  2. How to chain append methods together
  3. How to insert data to the middle of a StringBuilder
  4. Combine append and insert methods
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