Javascript Data Type How to - Javascript Date Format Example

  1. Javascript Add 0 in front of every single day or month for single digit
  2. Javascript Add Leading 0 for days and months where applicable
  3. Javascript Calculate difference between two dates yyyy-mm-dd
  4. Javascript Calculate the difference between 2 dates with the format of dd/mm/yyyy
  5. Javascript Change date format to '2015/7/6'
  6. Javascript Compare dates as format of '01/06/2013'
  7. Javascript Compare dates in different formats
  8. Javascript Compare date/time now against yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss
  9. Javascript Compare date with todays date where date is in format dd-mm-yyyy
  10. Javascript Create a date object from a date-string which contains AM/PM as '1 Jan 2000 8:20:00 PM'
  11. Javascript Create new format string by appending date value
  12. Javascript Create Readable date String
  13. Javascript Date format manupulation '07-Jul-2015'
  14. Javascript Display Local time and local date String
  15. Javascript Extract date, month, and year from this date format
  16. Javascript Find a date (dd/mm/yyyy) in a string
  17. Javascript Format a date using padding
  18. Javascript Format a time string with leading zero based hours and minutes
  19. Javascript Format datestring to d, MMM yyyy
  20. Javascript Format date as '1-Jan-01'
  21. Javascript Format date as dd/mm/yyyy in form of '6/6/2016'
  22. Javascript Format date as YYYYMMDD '20150707'
  23. Javascript Format date output '10:16:07 7/6/2015'
  24. Javascript Format Date to yyyy-mm-dd
  25. Javascript Format date value 2013-12-31 as 12-2013
  26. Javascript Getting current date and time in format of '6/7/2015 @ 14:5:16'
  27. Javascript Get 2 digit year
  28. Javascript Get day from Date as format '3-08-2015'
  29. Javascript Get day month and year from 'Fri Dec 23 2011 18:37:45 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)'
  30. Javascript Get day of date string
  31. Javascript Get day of week string
  32. Javascript Get month name from Date 15 days ahead of actual date
  33. Javascript Get todays date in this format yyyymmdd
  34. Javascript Output time in a human readble form
  35. Javascript Split date string '2012-11-02'
  36. Javascript Switch date formats of yyyy-mm-dd and dd/mm/yyyy to MS Access DB format of mm/dd/yyyy
  37. Javascript Validate dates in format MM-DD-YYYY
  38. Javascript Validate date with format d, MMM yyyy
  39. Javascript Validate two dates of this "dd-MMM-yyyy" format