PHP array_intersect_uassoc() Function

In this chapter you will learn:

  1. Definition for PHP array_intersect_uassoc() Function
  2. Syntax for PHP array_intersect_uassoc() Function
  3. Parameter for PHP array_intersect_uassoc() Function
  4. Example - intersect associate array with user defined function


The array_intersect_uassoc() function compares the keys and values of two or more arrays, and returns the matches by using a user-defined key comparison function.


PHP array_intersect_uassoc() Function has the following syntax.



ParameterIs RequiredDescription
array1Required.Array to be compared with
array2Required.Array to be compared with array1
array3,...Optional.Array to be compared with array1
myfunctionRequired.Function used to do the comparison

myfunction defines a callable comparison function. The comparison function must return an integer <, =, or > than 0 if the first argument is <, =, or > than the second argument.


Intersect associate array with user defined function

<?php//from   j  av a  2 s . com
    function myfunction($a,$b){
        if ($a===$b){
          return 0;
        return ($a>$b)?1:-1;

The code above generates the following result.

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What you will learn in the next chapter:

  1. Definition for PHP array_intersect_ukey() Function
  2. Syntax for PHP array_intersect_ukey() Function
  3. Parameter for PHP array_intersect_ukey() Function
  4. Example - Intersect keys with user defined function
  5. Example - Compare the keys of three arrays using a user-defined function to compare the keys, and return the matches
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