C - Write program to calculate and output the average pay per hour


Prompts for the user's weekly pay in dollars and the hours worked as floating-point values.

Calculate and output the average pay per hour in the following form:

Your average hourly pay rate is 7 dollars and 54 cents.


To get the cents we can subtract the dollars from the hourly rate and multiply by 100 to get cents.

If we then add 0.5 and convert the result back to an integer, it will be to the nearest cent.


#include <stdio.h>

int main(void)
  double pay = 0.0;                // Weekly pay in dollars
  double hours = 0.0;              // hours worked
  int dollars = 0;                 // Hourly rate - dollars
  int cents = 0;                   // ... and cents

  // Get the Weekly pay
  printf("Enter your weekly pay in dollars: ");
  scanf("%lf", &pay);

  // Get the order quantity
  printf("Enter the hours worked: ");
  scanf("%lf", &hours);

  // Calculate the average hourly rate - dollars first
  dollars = (int)(pay/hours);

  cents = (int)(100.0*(pay/hours - dollars) + 0.5);

  // Output the average hourly rate
  printf("Your average hourly pay rate is %d dollars and %d cents.\n", dollars, cents);
  return 0;//  w w w.  j  a  v a  2s. c o  m


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