C Language Basics scanf

C examples for Language Basics:scanf


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  1. Format Specifiers for Reading Data in scanf
  2. String Input from the Keyboard
  3. Reading Characters by char and by string Using scanf()
  4. Reading Hexadecimal and Octal Values
  5. Variations on Floating-Point Input
  6. Read float, int and another int
  7. Input Format Control Strings for scanf
  8. Read two integers and find out the difference by subtraction

  9. Read year from user and convert to integer
  10. Read a string and convert it into a numeric value by the atoi() function.
  11. Asks for your name and then your favorite color. Use printf() statement then displays what you enter.
  12. Type your name at the keyboard and then have the computer display your name on the screen, along with friendly greeting
  13. Scanf() Format Modifiers
  14. Skip Non-White-Space Characters in scanf
  15. Discarding Unwanted White Space in scanf
  16. Use scanf() function with a scanset

  17. Use scanf() with %n Specifier
  18. Use scanf() to read a memory address
  19. Use scanf() to read Strings
  20. Use scanf() to read Individual Characters
  21. Use scanf to read Unsigned Integers
  22. Use scanf() to read Numbers
  23. Scanf() function Format Specifiers
  24. Scanf() function is the console input routine.
  25. What is scanf() function
  26. Read in a last name, and check if the user has a last name that starts with a letter between P and Q
  27. Read movies information
  28. Using scanf() to read choice for menu and decimal value and float number
  29. Using scanf() to input numeric and text data.
  30. Demonstrates some uses of scanf().
  31. Read your height inches and name, output height in feet
  32. Write a program that asks for your first name, your last name, and then prints the names in the format last, first
  33. Skips over first two integers of input
  34. Conversion Modifiers for scanf()
  35. ANSI C Conversion Specifiers for scanf()
  36. When to use & with scanf
  37. Display menu for console window
  38. Validating input with function
  39. Illustrates how scanf() works when you specify a field width.