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  1. Basic Arithmetic Operations and Basic Arithmetic Operators
  2. Let C compiler to figure out the operator priority
  3. Arithmetic Operators in C
  4. Arithmetic In C
  5. Operator Precedence for Common Arithmetic Operators
  6. Demonstrates math operators, and the different types of division
  7. Calculates the average of four grades and also does some other basic math.
  8. Asks the user for a number of tires and price per tire, then calculates a total price, adding sales tax.

  9. Asks the user for their birth year and calculates how old they will be in the current year.
  10. Increases a counter from 1 to 5, printing updates and then counts it back down to 1. Uses while loops and increment and decrement operators
  11. Increases a counter from 1 to 5, printing updates and then counts it back down to 1. Uses the increment and decrement operators
  12. Asks for a number from 1 to 100 and tells then whether or not their choice is equally divisible by 2 through 9
  13. Multiply two numbers and display the result for as long as the user wants. Answering 'N' will break the loop
  14. Illustrating the Modulus Operator
  15. Illustrate the use of various arithmetic operators
  16. Calculate the average of a set of grades and count the number of failing grades.

  17. Arithmetic Operators
  18. Use the modulus operator to convert a large number of seconds into hours, minutes, and seconds.
  19. Finds how many years it takes for the value of compounded interest to exceed the value of simple interest.
  20. Finds percentage of days below freezing from user input
  21. Calculates electric bill, rate are based on usage
  22. Read a positive integer and then displays all the prime numbers smaller than or equal to that number.
  23. Write a program that reads the hours worked in a week and then prints the gross pay, the taxes, and the net pay.
  24. Write a program that asks for your first name, your last name, and then prints the names in the format last, first.
  25. Read a volume in cups and that displays the equivalent volumes in pints, ounces, tablespoons, and teaspoons.
  26. Read your height in inches and then displays your height in centimeters.
  27. Read an amount of water in quarts, and displays the number of water molecules in that amount.
  28. Read your age in years and then displays the equivalent number of seconds.
  29. Read a height in centimeters and displays the height in centimeters and in feet and inches.
  30. Read the number of days and then converts that value to weeks and days.
  31. Converts time in minutes to time in hours and minutes.
  32. Read the number of miles traveled and the number of gallons of gasoline consumed and then calculate and display the miles-per-gallon value
  33. Sets a type double variable to 1.0/3.0 and a type float variable to 1.0/3.0, display result three times
  34. Read the download speed in megabits per second (Mbs) and the size of a file in megabytes (MB), calculate the download time for the file.
  35. Convert Fahrenheit temperature to Celsius equivalent and the Kelvin equivalent
  36. Evaluates running totals of these two series up to some limit of number of terms.
  37. Calculate the value of their difference divided by their product.
  38. Calculate how many years it takes for empty an account that earns 8% a year and withdraws $100,000
  39. Tax calculation based on United States Federal Tax Schedule
  40. Read the hours worked in a week and then prints the gross pay, the taxes, and the net pay.
  41. Read two numbers and raise the first one to the power of second one
  42. Create function called min(x,y) that returns the smaller of two double values.
  43. Do addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division based on menu selection
  44. Calculate harmonic mean of two numbers which is taking the inverses of the two numbers, averaging them, and taking the inverse of the result.
  45. Presents a menu of pay rates from which to choose.