C String String Console Input

C examples for String:String Console Input


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  1. Use gets_s to read string
  2. Read string and output string by printf
  3. Read string, get its length, append and copy string
  4. Gets() function reads a string and stores them at the address pointed to by its argument.
  5. Reads a string and an integer from the keyboard and writes them to a disk file. Then reads the file and displays the information on the screen.
  6. Reading And Printing Strings
  7. Read username and password and test password format
  8. Reading Strings with scanf()

  9. Reading Lines of String Data with your own function
  10. counts number of lines, words, and characters in input:
  11. What does the following program do, read string and output
  12. Demonstrates using the gets_s() return value.
  13. Demonstrates using the gets_s() library function.
  14. Displaying strings with puts().
  15. Read a line and stop at \n
  16. Count digits, white space, others for user input

  17. Reads input until encountering # and print each input character and its ASCII decimal code.
  18. Reads input until encountering the # character and then reports the number of spaces read, the number of newline characters read, and the number of all other characters read.
  19. Reads input up to # and reports the number of times that the sequence ei occurs.
  20. Reads in a line of input and then prints the line in reverse order.
  21. Read the user's first name and last name then print the entered names on one line and the number of letters in each name on the following line.
  22. Print the part of the file starting at that position and proceed to the next newline character