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C examples for Structure:Structure Value


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  1. Save structure to a file
  2. Pass structure as pointer to a function
  3. Pass structure as an argument to a function
  4. Save structure to a file and read back
  5. Passing Structures To Functions by Value
  6. Passing Arrays of Structures
  7. Passing Structures by Reference
  8. Use structure pointer operator ->

  9. Create a Array of Structures
  10. Save phone contact information to a file
  11. Writes the structure to a file
  12. Ask the user to fill in three structures and then prints them.
  13. Initialize Structure Arrays
  14. Illustrating Arrays of Structures
  15. Updating structure field value in a function
  16. Define Structures Containing Pointers

  17. Using Pointers to Structures
  18. Display Data in Nested Structures
  19. Store and Retrieve Data Using an Array of Structures in Interactive Mode
  20. Modify the Data in a Structure by Passing a Pointer-to-Structure to a Function
  21. Modify the Data in a Structure by Passing It to a Function which accepts a structure as an input argument and returns a structure after modifying data in it
  22. Build a Structure Using a Function which accepts values of individual members of structure, builds a structure, and returns it
  23. Using arrays of structures.
  24. Create a structure for Point
  25. Passing a structure to a function.
  26. Use pointers and malloc() for structure
  27. Passes and returns structures
  28. Using structure passing and structure returns.
  29. Passing a Structure as an Argument
  30. Using the Structure Address
  31. Passing structure members as arguments
  32. Use Pointers to Structures
  33. Create and use Nested Structures
  34. Fill data to array of Structures
  35. Read data from console and fill to a structure
  36. Create structure to hold student record
  37. Create a nested structure to track Person's first, middle and last name
  38. Sort and Output structure in order
  39. Check the offset of a structure field
  40. What will it print?
  41. Prompts the user to enter the day, month, and year.
  42. Read book information and prints the book descriptions in the order entered, then alphabetized by title, and then in order of increased value.
  43. Search structure stored in a file by id