Cpp - Expressions With Reference Type


The following code shows how to use reference types in expressions.

The code converts strings to upper case.


#include <iostream> 
#include <string> 
#include <cctype>                // For toupper() 

using namespace std; 
// Converts the content of str to uppercase. 
void strToUpper( string& );              

int main() //from ww w.j  a  v a 2s . c  om
   string text("Test with assignments \n"); 

   cout << text << endl; 

   strToUpper( text = "Flowers"); 
   cout << text << endl; 

   strToUpper( text += " cheer you up!\n"); 
   cout << text << endl; 
   return 0; 

void strToUpper( string& str)   
     int len = str.length(); 
     for( int i=0; i < len; ++i) 
       str[i] = toupper( str[i]); 


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