Cpp - Read-Only References


A reference aliasing a constant object must be a constant itself.

It must be defined using the const keyword to avoid modifying the object by reference.

int a;    
const int& cref = a;  // ok! 

The reference cref can be used for read-only access to the variable a, and is said to be a read-only identifier.

A read-only identifier can be initialized by a constant, in contrast to a normal reference:

const double& pi = 3.1415927; 


// Demonstrates the definition and use of references. 
#include <iostream> 
#include <string> 
using namespace std; 

float x = 1.7F;        

int main() /*from  w  w w. j av a2s.c  o  m*/
   float  &rx = x;      // Local reference to x 
   rx *= 2; 

   const float& cref = x;     // Read-only reference 
   cout << "cref = " <<  cref << endl;  
   return 0; 


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