C++ Class Constructor

C++ examples for Class:Constructor


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  1. Constructors and Destructors
  2. Point Class Constructors
  3. Fraction Class Constructors, default constructor.
  4. One constructor can invoke another constructor in the same class
  5. Multiple constructors can often be combined with the definition of default arguments
  6. Provide the class multiple ways to create objects by overloading the constructor
  7. Pass along arguments to the members' constructors
  8. Constructs and destructs a set of data members

  9. The member objects of a class are each constructed before the container class constructor gets a shot at it
  10. Constructing multiple objects, invokes a constructor on an array of objects
  11. Constructing a single object with constructor
  12. Using the copy constructor
  13. Demonstrate that statics are only constructed once
  14. Demonstrates what happens when a data member with an initializer is constructed
  15. A class may pass along arguments to the members' constructors
  16. Get the default constructor back via the new keyword default

  17. Demonstrate the copy constructor
  18. Set a data member to a value in constructor
  19. Demonstrate that the default copy constructor invokes the copy constructor for each member
  20. Demonstrate the implicit conversion of one type to another
  21. Demonstrates use of a class constructor function.
  22. Demonstrates use of overloaded constructors.
  23. Placing Parameters in Constructors
  24. Using the Add and Remove Items in the Constructor and Destructor
  25. Set default value in constructor
  26. Initialize member variable in constructor Initialization list
  27. Creating Temporary Instances with Functional Constructors
  28. Initialize default value in constructor Initialization list
  29. Making use of a different constructor for the single class.
  30. Customizing the Copying of Instances
  31. Use a constructor to initialize the object
  32. Passing Arguments to Base Constructors
  33. Using Default Values for object
  34. Using the default copy constructor, creating a deep copy to copy the existing values into new memory.
  35. Comparing Copy Constructors with Move Constructors
  36. Adding a Move Constructor to class
  37. Add Default Constructors to a class
  38. Adding a Constructor to a Class
  39. Custom Copy Constructors and Assignment Operators
  40. Explicitly Creating the Copy Constructor and Assignment Operator
  41. Implicit and Default Copy Constructors and Assignment Operators
  42. Use Move Constructor and Move Assignment Operator
  43. Using Deep Copy to Avoid Invalid Pointers
  44. Deep Copy for object
  45. Using Constructors and Destructors to Manage Resources (or RAII)
  46. Making an Initializer List Exception-Safe
  47. Making a Constructor Exception-Safe
  48. Create constructor for class to accept parameter and initialize objects
  49. Time class containing a constructor with default arguments.
  50. Initialize Time class using the current time from the time and localtime functions
  51. Using a Constructor Initialization List
  52. Default Constructor Parameter Values
  53. Defining Constructors Outside the Class
  54. What are Constructors
  55. Implementing the Copy Constructor
  56. Delegating Constructors
  57. Use of the explicit Keyword
  58. Constructors, adds objects using member function
  59. Initialize objects using default copy constructor
  60. Create Explicit one-arg constructor
  61. Converts from Time24 to Time12 using constructor in Time12
  62. Memory-saving String class, overloaded assignment and copy constructor
  63. Copy constructor: X(X&)
  64. Create a copy constructor
  65. Create a constructor for converting from long to Date, buildin type to your own type
  66. Add default parameter value to class constructor
  67. Create copy constructor.
  68. Adds the explicit modifier to the myclass constructor:
  69. Test the automatic conversion that occurs when a constructor is not modified by explicit: