Java 2D Graphics BufferedImage Scale

Java examples for 2D Graphics:BufferedImage Scale


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  1. Smoothly scales the given BufferedImage to the given width and height using the Image#SCALE_SMOOTH algorithm (generally bicubic resampling or bilinear filtering).
  2. scale BufferedImage Image
  3. convert And Scale BufferedImage
  4. Convenience method that returns a scaled instance of the provided BufferedImage .
  5. multi Scale BufferedImage
  6. multi Scale BufferedImage To Height
  7. multi Scale BufferedImage To Width
  8. rescale BufferedImage X Maintain Aspect Ratio

  9. rescale BufferedImage Y Maintain Aspect Ratio
  10. Scaling, Shearing, Translating, and Rotating a Buffered Image
  11. create Faded Circle Image
  12. composite Image
  13. Gets a scaled instance of the source image.
  14. create Thumbnail
  15. scale Image
  16. scale BufferedImage Image To Height

  17. scale BufferedImage Image To Width
  18. Loads an image as a 'stamp'; the image's greyscale value (actually blue channel if it's colour) is used as alpha value for a new image with the specified colour.
  19. get Scaled Image
  20. Determine whether the given image is grayscale
  21. scale BufferedImage
  22. get Grey Scale from BufferedImage
  23. Scales image using bilinear interpolation.
  24. Scales image by mixing pixels to the scaled image.
  25. Scales image simply by picking convenient pixels to the scaled image
  26. BufferedImage percent Scale Within Canvas
  27. get Scaled Image Icon
  28. scale BufferedImage Image Pixels Value
  29. Scales one image to multiple dimensions, using the same ScalingOptions for each.
  30. Converts an image to a grayscale (8 bits) image.
  31. Indicates whether an image RenderedImage is a grayscale image.
  32. This method uses multi-step scaling techniques for down scaling for better image quality.
  33. Rescale an image based on scale factors for width and height.
  34. Scales a BufferedImage using a theta that defines the scaling in both width and height.
  35. Draw the image with 9 grids scaling