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  1. left Move byte array
  2. sub array from byte Array
  3. Pads an array of bytes inline with the given padding scheme
  4. get check sum for byte array using Adler32
  5. copy byte array
  6. generate Random byte array
  7. concatenate two byte array
  8. index Of byte in byte array by offset and limit

  9. last Index Of byte in byte array by offset and limit
  10. Concatenate byte Array
  11. The method returns a byte[] of the given size.
  12. Returns a byte array containing the bytes from the List.
  13. Utility method used to ensure the capacity of byte array.
  14. Return last position of sequence of symbol in byte array
  15. Return first position of symbol in byte array
  16. Return last position of space in byte array

  17. Return last position of symbol in byte array
  18. Find the first occurrence of sub in b Work in progress
  19. Concatenates and returns the given byte arrays.
  20. Calculates the checksum of an byte array.
  21. Get an array of bytes from an input stream.
  22. Fills a byte array with 0.
  23. Fills a byte array with a value.
  24. Obtains the contents of the specified stream as a byte array
  25. Retrieve a byte from a byte array.
  26. Find a key by means of a binary search in byte array.
  27. Returns the index at which '\n' is found. in byte array
  28. Concatenates two byte arrays.
  29. Trims the leading zeros from byte array.
  30. checks if two byte-arrays contain the same bytes
  31. Reverses the order of the bytes in the given byte array
  32. Generates a subarray of a given byte array.
  33. Does this byte array begin with match array content?
  34. pad byte array from Right
  35. pad byte array from Left
  36. Search the data byte array for the first occurrence of the byte array pattern.
  37. Reverse byte array
  38. Returns a byte array left padded of pad Size zero bytes
  39. Returns a byte array left trimmed of trim Size elements
  40. Extract a partition of a byte array.
  41. Reverse the order of a given byte array
  42. Copy first "count" bytes from byte array.
  43. Add padding to a byte array.
  44. Return the first bytes from a byte array
  45. Returns a new byte array of the specified length using the contents provided.
  46. Return the last bytes from a byte array
  47. Combine 2 bytes (high byte and low byte) to one whole byte
  48. bytes To Word
  49. A 32 byte GUID generator (Globally Unique ID).
  50. create Random Bytes