Java Swing Screen

Java examples for Swing:Screen


Click the following links for the tutorial for Swing and Screen.

  1. Centers an AWT window on the screen.
  2. Use this static method if you want to center and set its position compared to the size of the current users screen size.
  3. fit Component Inside Screen
  4. fit Component Into Screen
  5. fit Popup Menu Inside Screen
  6. center Component On Screen
  7. set Component Bounds To Center Screen
  8. move Component To Screen Center

  9. get Screen Size
  10. is Location In Screen Bounds
  11. This function handle the screenshot
  12. Poses component inside the screen bounds
  13. To make sure the rectangle is within the screen bounds.
  14. Modifies the position of rect so that it is completely on screen if that is possible.
  15. Ensures the rectangle is visible on the screen.
  16. Gets the screen size.

  17. Gets the local monitor's screen bounds.
  18. Get screen area of all monitors.
  19. Gets the screen bounds.
  20. get Screens
  21. To make sure the rectangle has overlap with the screen bounds.
  22. Centers a window on screen.
  23. center Window On Screen
  24. is X On Screen
  25. is Y On Screen
  26. is Point On Screen
  27. Verifies if the given point is visible on the screen.
  28. Positions the specified frame in the middle of the screen.
  29. Computes the maximum bounds of the current screen device.
  30. Positions the specified frame at a relative position in the screen, where 50% is considered to be the center of the screen.
  31. Positions the specified frame at a random location on the screen while ensuring that the entire frame is visible (provided that the frame is smaller than the screen).
  32. add Window Listener
  33. set Window Transparent
  34. center And Size Window
  35. Tries to find the current focused window.
  36. get Position Within Window
  37. get Window Ancestor
  38. center Window Relative To Owner
  39. create Wait Window
  40. position Frame On Screen
  41. get Screen Rectangle
  42. move Rectangle To Fit The Screen
  43. get Maximum Window Bounds
  44. get Focused Window
  45. get Location In Window
  46. Center a big window