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1.Start A Figure
2.Close all figures
3.Add a rectangle to a Path
4.Is click inside a pathIs click inside a path
5.Create Path from StringCreate Path from String
6.GraphicsPath starts a new figureGraphicsPath starts a new figure
7.GraphicsPath closes a figure and starts a new figureGraphicsPath closes a figure and starts a new figure
8.GraphicsPath starts two figures and close themGraphicsPath starts two figures and close them
9.Add closed figures to GraphicsPathAdd closed figures to GraphicsPath

10.Fill path and draw pathFill path and draw path
11.Add lines to PathAdd lines to Path
12.Add Ellipse to path
13.Widen a Path
14.Scribble with Path
15.Add Bezier to a Path
16.Add Line and Arc to Path
17.Graphics Path ExampleGraphics Path Example
18.Draw pathDraw path
19.Fillpath DemoFillpath Demo