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Demonstrate BitArray

Demonstrate BitArray
// Demonstrate BitArray. 
using System; 
using System.Collections; 
public class BADemo { 
  public static void showbits(string rem, 
                         BitArray bits) { 
    for(int i=0; i < bits.Count; i++) 
      Console.Write("{0, -6} ", bits[i]); 
  public static void Main() { 
    BitArray ba = new BitArray(8); 
    byte[] b = { 67 }; 
    BitArray ba2 = new BitArray(b); 
    showbits("Original contents of ba:", ba); 
    ba = ba.Not(); 
    showbits("Contents of ba after Not:", ba); 
    showbits("Contents of ba2:", ba2); 
    BitArray ba3 = ba.Xor(ba2); 
    showbits("Result of ba XOR ba2:", ba3); 


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