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Inverts all the bit values in the current BitArray


using System;
using System.Collections;
public class SamplesBitArray  {
   public static void Main()  {
      BitArray myBA1 = new BitArray( 4 );
      BitArray myBA2 = new BitArray( 4 );
      myBA1[0] = myBA1[1] = false;
      myBA1[2] = myBA1[3] = true;
      myBA2[0] = myBA2[2] = false;
      myBA2[1] = myBA2[3] = true;


      PrintValues( myBA1, 8 );
      PrintValues( myBA2, 8 );
   public static void PrintValues( IEnumerable myList, int myWidth )  {
      int i = myWidth;
      foreach ( Object obj in myList ) {
         if ( i <= 0 )  {
            i = myWidth;
         Console.Write( "{0,8}", obj );



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