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1.Compute the area of a circleCompute the area of a circle
2.the differences between int and doublethe differences 
   between int and double
3.Implement the Pythagorean TheoremImplement the Pythagorean Theorem
4.Talking to Mars: double value calculationTalking to Mars: double value calculation
5.converts Fahrenheit to Celsiusconverts Fahrenheit to Celsius
6.Epsilon, PositiveInfinity, NegativeInfinity, MaxValue, MinValue
7.double number format: 0:C, 0:D9, 0:E, 0:F3, 0:N, 0:X, 0:x
8.Format double value
9.Get Decimal Places

10.Automatic conversion from double to string
11.An int, a short, a float, and a double are added together giving a double result.
12.Test to see if a double is a finite number (is not NaN or Infinity).
13.Double.Epsilon Field represents the smallest positive Double value that is greater than zero.
14.Availible Double Range
15.Truncates the specified double.
16.Is Nearly Equal
17.Shifts the given value into the range