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1.Form Window event: closing, closed, load, activated, deactivated
2.Scrolling (AutoScrollMinSize)
4.Form Focus eventForm Focus event
5.On Mouse Wheel
6.OnMouseEnter, OnMouseHover, OnMouseLeave event
7.OnKeyDown event
8.OnClick event
9.Form OnResize

10.Form OnMove event
11.Cancel EventCancel Event
12.Uncloseable eventUncloseable event
13.Bind key action to a form windowBind key action to a form window
14.Form window closing eventForm window closing event
15.Form window load eventForm window load event
16.Form resize and redrawForm resize and redraw
17.Form Mouse down actionForm Mouse down action
18.Form Key Press actionForm Key Press action
19.Form Paint event
20.Scroll Shapes