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1.memchr( ) function: Finding a character in a buffer.
2.memicmp( ) function: compare two string buffers.
3.memset( ) function: set the contents of a string buffer.
4.strcmp( ) function: compare two strings.
5.uses strncmp to compare two strings with the aid of the strlen function
6.strcspn( ) function: find the occurrence of one of a group of characters.
7.Using strpbrk
8.Using strspn:
9.Using memcpy

10.Using memmove
11.Using memcmp
12.Using memchr
13.Using memset
14.Using strerror
15.strchr( ) function: locate the first occurrence of a character in a string.
16.strlen( ) function: determine the length of a string.
17.strstr( ) function: locate a string within a string.
18.strupr( ) function: convert lowercase letters to uppercase. to use the strcat function
20.using the strcpy function