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1.'padding' Example
2.Padding with one value
3.Padding with two value
4.Padding with three value
5.Padding with four value
6.padding: 10px
7.padding: 2px 4px 6px 8px;
8.padding: 2px 8px 6px;
9.padding: 2px 8px;

10.padding: 2px;
11.padding: 5px;
12.padding: 1em;
13.padding: 16px;
14.Style sheet for padding example
15.padding: 5px 0 12px 0; for td
16.padding sets the size of the padding surrounding the inner box. whitespace can make a page much easier to read
18.No padding
19.with padding
20.padding:0.25em; assigns one-quarter of the font size to padding (i.e., font-sizemultiplied by 0.25).
21.Using Container Attributes
22.Use padding shortcut
23.Padding shortcut '10px 0 0 0'
24.Set margin and padding to 0
26.Using padding on a parent element to avoid problems with margin widths
27.margin collapse and nested elements with default padding
28.margin collapse with nested elements padding