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1.Color Names: 140 color names are listed alphabetically.
2.The Web Palette
3.HTML Color Names
4.CSS Color Chart: Gray Scale
5.Shades of Gray
6.Colors Sorted Alphabetically
7.Fixed Red value: #FF
8.Fixed Red value: #00
9.Colors are displayed combining: RED, GREEN, and BLUE light sources

10.CSS Color Chart: Pure Colors
11.CSS Color Chart: Mixture of Red and Green
12.CSS Color Chart: Mixtures of Blue and Red
13.CSS Color Chart: Mixtures of Blue and Green
14.CSS Color Chart:Mixtures of Red, Blue, and Green
15.A table of color names that are supported by most browsers
16.Cross Platform Colors
17.Color Names List
18.CSS2.1 colors and their corresponding decimal, percentage, and hexadecimal values.
19.color constant name