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2.Execute immediate for an insert statement
3.Use EXECUTE IMMEDIATE to call procedure and save the returning value
4.Use execute immediate to insert random numbers
5.execute immediate with 'insert ... using' to pass variable into insert statement
6.Timing Bind variable
7.Call 'execute immediate' to drop table, create table and insert data
9.Use parameters in EXECUTE IMMEDIATE

10.Pass value out of dynamic select statement
11.Build up the CREATE TABLE statement and run it with EXECUTE IMMEDIATE
12.Use USING clause with EXECUTE IMMEDIATE to handle bind variables.
13.Use of EXECUTE IMMEDIATE for single-row queries.
14.Create Dynamic Tables
15.Call a stored procedure in dynamic script
16.demonstrates the effect of duplicate placeholders with EXECUTE IMMEDIATE.
17.how to pass a NULL value to EXECUTE IMMEDIATE.
18.Use native dynamic SQL to re-create MyTable.
19.Use DBMS_SQL to re-create MyTable.
20.execute immediate using variable
21.Create dynamic sql statement and get the result
22.Dynamically create packages
23.Use execute immediate to create dynamic query in a procedure
24.Performance between using statement and string concatenation for dynamic sql