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1.regexp_instr function summary
2.Simple demo for REGEXP_INSTR
3.regexp_instr (string, pattern, position, occurence, return-option)
4.Return-option is set to 1 to indicate the end of the found pattern
5.regexp_instr (string, pattern, position, occurence, return-option, parameters): c: to match case sensitively
6.'i': to match case insensitively
7.regexp_instr (string, pattern)
8.Returns the position of the second occurrence that matches the letter 'o' starting at position 10
9.The simplest regular expression matches letters, letter for letter

10.REGEXP_INSTR function in where clause
11.Apecify any series of letters and find matches, just like INSTR
12.REGEXP_INSTR(description,'ee') > 0
14.REGEXP_INSTR('abc','d?'): include the '?' repetition character
15.REGEXP_INSTR('Mississippi', 'si', 1,2,0,'i')
16.regexp_instr(comments, '[^ ]+', 1, 9)