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1.Using Arrays as an Indexed List
2.Directly indexing an array's contents:
3.Array index in action
4.Accessing List Values
5.Adding to an Array
6.Index an array
7.Reference more than one elements in an array at the same time
8.Using array operator to reference variable in an array
9.Multiple Elements Of A List

10.Get array element by index
11.Access array element by index
12.Create @array with one element by referring to nonexistent element 0
13.Get array last index
14.Get two variables from array
15.Reference a dereferenced array by index
16.Reference array element by index
17.Reference negative array index
18.Using a minus variable as the array index
19.Update part of an array by referencing only a sub range
20.Using negative subscripts to access elements from the end of the array
21.Mulitple indexing
22.Special Scalars and Array Assignment