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1.Remove elements from position 7 onward
2.Remove first element only and save it
3.Replace the second and third elements.
4.Using splice to delete words.
5.Using splice to insert array elements.
6.The splice function removes and replaces elements in an array.
7.Splicing and replacing elements of a list
8.splice(@array, 2, 0, "three");
9.Splice two arrays

10.splice(@array, 2, 1, @array2);
11.Remove last three elements
12.Remove elements from array with splice
13.Delete all remaining elements
14.Removing 3 elements, beginning with element 15 of @array
15.Removing all elements from element 8 to the end of @array
16.Removing all elements in the array
17.Replacing part of @array with the elements from @array2