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1.Declare an Integer
2.Integer type variable
3.Math calculation on integer
4.Print a couple of integer literals in Perl.
5.Print number out
6.Using int() to convert 1.000001 to an integer
7.Using int() to convert 1.99999 to an integer 1.999,int 2.001
9.A program that displays integers and illustrates their size limitations.

10.Compare two values in the integer context
11.'<=>' operator returns 0 or -1 or 1
12.'Greater than or equal' operator
13.'Greater than', 'Less than' operator
14.'equal' operator for digits
15.'less than or equal' operator
16.'not equal' operator for digits
17.Get the remainder
18.Chop a number
19.'use integer'
20.To disable integer math within a block