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1.To open a file for appending:
2.To open a file for reading and writing:
3.To open a file for reading:
4.To open a file for writing (FILEHANDLE, "<&FILEHANDLE2"); (FILEHANDLE2, "<&=FILEHANDLE");, ">>c:\\outfile.dat")
9.Open Operators

10.Open a file
11.Open a file from another file handle
12.Open a file to read
13.Open a pipe to the who command
14.Open command expressions
15.Open file for update
16.Open file for writing
17.Open file reading
18.Open for Appending
19.Open for Reading
20.Open for Reading and Writing
21.Open for Writing
22.Open for writing first, then reading
23.Opening an input filter on a Win32 platform
24.Opening files and using file handles: open(filehandle, name);
25.Opens two files and copies one into another.
26.Checks whether an unopened file actually exists.
27.Input Filter: open(FILEHANDLE, COMMAND|);
28.Sending the Output of a Filter to a File: open(STDOUT, ">/dev/tty");
29.Uses die when testing for a successful file open operation.
30.Using open to connect different processes