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1.The read Function (fread)
2.Read file content to a scalar variable
3.Read from a file
4.Read hash value from a file
5.Read line splitted by space
6.Read only the last file line from a text file
7.Read the first line of a local file
8.Read till the end of the file
9.Reading More than One Line

10.Reading a directory all at once with an array: Use an array with the readdir command, instead of a scalar variable
11.Reading from a Pipe
12.Reading from a file
13.Reading from the Filehandle
14.Reading one line from the file handle STDIN.
15.Reading the contents of a directory: change to that directory and then use the glob command
16.Reads an entire input file into an array.
17.Reads lines from a file and prints them.
18.Using read function in while loop
19.Using read function to read a file
20.The read Function reads a number of bytes into a variable from a filehandle.
21.Contents of the entire file are printed
22.Numbering Lines
23.To read a number of bytes from a file: $bytes_read = read(filehandle, $var, $length, $offset);
24.To read from a file: