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1.Using shift to process the command-line arguments.
2.A program that sorts input lines in reverse order.
3.Assigning Input to an Array
4.Conditional debug
5.<> is the same as
6.A case-conversion program.
7.A simple Perl program that reads and writes a line of input.
8.Reading from STDIN
9.Redirect STDIN to error.log

10.Using diamond operator with while statement
11.Using diamond sign to read from keyboard
12.You can omit the STDIN altogether .. while with diamond operator
14.Standard input
15.Read three lines of text from standard input
16.Read user input
17.Getting Input in Perl Scripts
18.Read input from keyboard
19.Read name from console
20.Read user input and use if statement to check it
21.Read a line of input from the keyboard
22.Read a single character from the keyboard
23.The ARGV Array: command line parameters