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1.Using foreach to iterate over an array.
2.foreach ( 1 .. 10 ) : loops 10 times, not requiring a control variable
3.Standard foreach structure. Prints the letters A-G
4.Duplicate of the foreach structure with for structure
5.Duplicate the for structure with the foreach keyword
6.Standard foreach structure, printing the values in a list
7.$_ takes the place of the control variable
8.Using foreach loops with hashes.
9.Using block labels with next in nested looping structures.

10.The foreach statement lets you iterate for each element in a list or array:
11.Each time through the loop, foreach places the next element of the list into the scalar variable.
12.Example of foreach from a min to a max.
13.Use foreach to loop through hash with keys function
14.foreach statement with number range
15.Using foreach to loop through an array without using the default value
16.Using foreach to loop through array variable
17.Declare variable in foreach statement
18.Using variable defined outside in foreach loop
19.Using predefined variable $_ in foreach loop
20.Mix $_ and foreach statement
21.Using array length in foreach statement
22.For each loop with array
23.For each loop with array and $_
24.The foreach statement iterates through list values, assigning a variable the value of each element in turn.
25.foreach statement.
26.Choosing an Iterator
27.If you declare your iterator outside the loop, any value it had then will be restored afterwards.
28.The foreach Loop
29.foreach and array
30.The foreach modifier evaluates once for each element, with $_ aliased to each element
31.foreach Loop Array Processing
32.foreach Loop Hash Processing
33.foreach Loop Hash Processing in a CGI Program
34.foreach (1 .. 10) range
35.Using foreach statement with print
36.Using foreach statement with hash