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1.Swap array value by using the sub range
2.Passing Arrays
3.Pass file handle global reference to a subroutine
4.Pass reference to a subroutine to another subroutine
5.Pass two array reference to a subroutine
6.Passing an array and modifying it,as a reference
7.Passing by reference with pointers
8.Passing References to a Subroutine
9.Passing a range of value to a subroutine

10.Passing array to a subroutine
11.Passing arrays to a function
12.Passing different number of parameter to a subroutine
13.Passing hash to a subroutine
14.Passing parameters to subroutines
15.Passing two values to a subroutine
16.displays all the arguments
17.Using shift(@_) to get value passed into a subroutine
18.shift parameter
19.Subroutine parameter default value
20.output the subroutine arguments using special variable @_
21.Is a parameter defined
22.The loop displays each individual argument