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1.array_combine: Creates an array by using one array for keys and another for its values
3.array_keys: Return all the keys of an array
4.array_diff_assoc: Array difference for associate array
5.array_flip: Exchanges all keys with their associated values in an array
6.array_values: Return all the values of an array
7.Using the array_unique () Function
8.Array array_chunk
9.Array shuffle

11.Using the array_intersect () Function
12.Using the array_diff () Function
13.array_merge_recursive: Merge two or more arrays recursively
14.Using the array_merge () Function
15.array_rand: Pick one or more random entries out of an array
16.array_search: Searches the array for a given value and returns the corresponding key if successful
17.Array count value
18.array_reverse: Return an array with elements in reverse order
19.array_pop: Pop the element off the end of array
20.array_push: Push one or more elements onto the end of array
21.array_pad: Pad array to the specified length with a value
22.Using the array_push () Function
23.count() function can also be used to access certain elements in the array
24.The count() Function
25.Using_the array_shift () Function
26.array_splice: Remove a portion of the array and replace it with something else
27.Using the array_slice () Function
28.current: Return the current element in an array
29.end: Set the internal pointer of an array to its last element
30.in_array: Checks if a value exists in an array
31.array_multisort: Sort multiple or multi-dimensional arrays
32.array_sum: Calculate the sum of values in an array Advance the internal array pointer of an array