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1.Acceptable fopen() Modes
2.Calling fopen() with a Context Resource
3.Opening a file
4.Opening a file on Windows
5.Opening a remote file
6.Opening files in the include_path
7.Using fopen( )
8.Using the fopen() Function
9.File open with exception checking

10.Getting and Printing a Web Page with fopen()
11.Getting and Putting Files with FTP
12.Reading a File with fread()
13.Reading from standard input
14.If you are writing a binary file on a Windows system, you should add a 'b' flag.
15.Load remote file
16.Open a connection with the PHP site (
17.Opening Files
18.fopen() function opens a file, returns an integer, as a file handle.
19.fopen() requires the file path and the mode in which the file is to be opened.
20.fopen() returns false if the file cannot be opened for any reason.
21.PHP 5 Arguments for Opening a File
22.Safely reading a binary file