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1.Capturing with nested parentheses
2.Capturing with preg_match()
3.Check quotes in a file
4.Combine patterns with the pipe (|) character to create branches
5.Checking the syntax of an e-mail address
7.preg_match( ) calls and what they match
8.preg_match() function returns true if pattern exists, and false otherwise.
9.Matching Patterns with preg_match()

10.Matching with preg_match()
11.PREG_OFFSET_CAPTURE and preg_match()
12.Using preg_match to return an array of matches that start with ple
13.Detecting ZIP Codes in Strings
14.Looking for any lowercase alphabetical character or the numbers 3, 4, and 7
15.Efficiently finding lines that match a pattern
16.Find the first "p" string and match as many characters as possible until the last possible "t" is reached.
17.Finding All Matching Lines in a File
18.Finding Lines with an Odd Number of Quotes
19.Finding Repeated Words
20.Finding Words Not Followed by Other Words
21.Finding the nth Occurrence of a Match
22.Get the start and end of the string when m is enabled, you should use \A and \z, like this:
23.Negate the characters in the character class
24.Parsing a date with a regular expression
25.Words and Whitespace Regexps
26.i renders the regular expression non case sensitive
27.s modifier: use . to match characters across multiple lines.
28.Regular expressions using +, *, and ?
29.Regular expressions using braces
30.Put the word boundary character to the test
31.Validating numbers with regular expressions
32.Use regular expression to check each line of the code
33.Testing the Complexity of Passwords