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Use canvas to draw line, oval, rectangle, bitmap and arc

from Tkinter import *

root = Tk()
canvas = Canvas(root, width =400, height=400)
canvas.create_oval(10,10,100,100, fill='gray90')
canvas.create_line(105,10,200,105, stipple='@bitmaps/gray3')
canvas.create_rectangle(205,10,300,105, outline='white', fill='gray50')
canvas.create_bitmap(355, 53, bitmap='questhead')

xy = 10, 105, 100, 200
canvas.create_arc(xy, start=0, extent=270, fill='gray60')
canvas.create_arc(xy, start=270, extent=5, fill='gray70')
canvas.create_arc(xy, start=275, extent=35, fill='gray80')
canvas.create_arc(xy, start=310, extent=49, fill='gray90')

canvas.create_polygon(205,105,285,125,166,177,210,199,205,105, fill='white')
canvas.create_text(350,150, text='text', fill='yellow', font=('verdana', 36))
img = PhotoImage(file='./logo.gif')
canvas.create_image(145,280, image=img, anchor=CENTER)
frm = Frame(canvas, relief=GROOVE, borderwidth=2)
Label(frm, text="Embedded Frame/Label").pack()
canvas.create_window(285, 280, window=frm, anchor=CENTER)


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