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1.Print lines/words/chars stats of files by extension
2.Print the product of age and size of each file, in suitable units.
3. Copy one file's atime and mtime to another
4.Change CRLF line endings to LF (Windows to Unix)
5.Print a list of files that are mentioned in CVS directories.
6.Print file diffs in context, unified, or ndiff formats
7.Format du(1) output as a tree sorted by size
8.Recursively find symbolic links to a given path prefix
9.Find a program in PATH system Variable

10.Replace tabs with spaces in argument files
11.Convert GNU texinfo files into HTML
12.Reverse grep through a file (useful for big logfiles)
13.Intelligent diff between text files (Tim Peters)
14.Python utility to print MD5 checksums of argument files
15.Make a copy of a directory tree with symbolic links to all files in the original tree
16.Change LF line endings to CRLF (Unix to Windows)