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Call base constructor

Call base constructor
Imports System

Public Class MainClass
    Shared Sub Main()
         Dim w As New Window(5, 10)
         w.DrawWindow(  )

         Dim lb As New ListBox(20, 30, "Hello world")
         lb.DrawWindow(  )

    End Sub
End Class

 Public Class Window
     Public Sub New(ByVal top As Integer, ByVal left As Integer) = top
         Me.left = left
     End Sub 'New

     Public Sub DrawWindow(  )
         Console.WriteLine("Drawing Window at {0}, {1}", top, left)
     End Sub

     Private top As Integer
     Private left As Integer

 End Class

 Public Class ListBox
     Inherits Window

     Public Sub New(ByVal top As Integer, ByVal left As Integer, ByVal theContents As String)
         MyBase.New(top, left) ' 
         mListBoxContents = theContents
     End Sub 

     Public Shadows Sub DrawWindow(  )
         MyBase.DrawWindow(  ) 
         Console.WriteLine("Writing string to the listbox: {0}", mListBoxContents)
     End Sub 

     Private mListBoxContents As String 

 End Class


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