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Class with two constructors

Class with two constructors
Imports System

Public Class MainClass
    Shared Sub Main()
       Dim currentTime As DateTime = DateTime.Now
       Dim time1 As New Time(currentTime)
       time1.DisplayCurrentTime(  )

       Dim theHour As Integer = time1.Hour

       Console.WriteLine("Retrieved the hour: {0}", _

       theHour += 1

       time1.Hour = theHour

       Console.WriteLine("Updated the hour: {0}", _

    End Sub
End Class

 Public Class Time

    Private mYear As Integer
    Private mMonth As Integer
    Private mDayOfMonth As Integer
    Private mHour As Integer
    Private mMinute As Integer
    Private mSecond As Integer

    Property Hour(  ) As Integer
          Return mHour
       End Get
       Set(ByVal Value As Integer)
          mHour = Value
       End Set
    End Property

    ' public accessor methods
    Public Sub DisplayCurrentTime(  )
       Console.WriteLine( _
       "{0}/{1}/{2} {3}:{4}:{5}", _
       mMonth, mDayOfMonth, mYear, Hour, mMinute, mSecond)
    End Sub 'DisplayCurrentTime

    ' constructors
    Public Sub New(ByVal dt As DateTime)
       mYear = dt.Year
       mMonth = dt.Month
       mDayOfMonth = dt.Day
       mHour = dt.Hour
       mMinute = dt.Minute
       mSecond = dt.Second
    End Sub 'New

    Public Sub New( _
    ByVal mYear As Integer, _
    ByVal mMonth As Integer, _
    ByVal mDayOfMonth As Integer, _
    ByVal mHour As Integer, _
    ByVal mMinute As Integer, _
    ByVal mSecond As Integer)
       Me.mYear = mYear
       Me.mMonth = mMonth
       Me.mDayOfMonth = mDayOfMonth
       Me.Hour = mHour
       Me.mMinute = mMinute
       Me.mSecond = mSecond
    End Sub 'New

 End Class 'Time


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