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MIT License

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Java Source Code

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public class Backup {
  private static final String[] weeklyBackupValues = {"DISABLED", "SUNDAY", "MONDAY", 
  private static final String[] dailyBackupValues = {"DISABLED", "H_0000_0200", "H_0200_0400", "H_0400_0600", "H_0600_0800",
          "H_0800_1000", "H_1000_1200", "H_1200_1400", "H_1400_1600", "H_1600_1800", "H_1800_2000",
          "H_2000_2200", "H_2200_0000"};
  public static String getWeeklyValue(int i){
    return weeklyBackupValues[i];
  public static String getDailyValue(int i){
    return dailyBackupValues[i];


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