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MIT License

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Java Source Code

//from  www. j  a  v  a 2
import java.util.ArrayList;

import org.apache.http.HttpEntity;



public class AndroidCloudApplication extends Application {

  private boolean taskProcessing;
  private boolean deletingObjectProcessing;
  private boolean deletingContainerProcessing;
  private boolean downloadingObject;
  private HttpEntity downloadedObject;
  private ArrayList<ContainerObjects> curDirFiles;
  public void setAddingObject(boolean processing){
    taskProcessing = processing;
  public boolean isAddingObject(){
    return taskProcessing;
  public void setDownloadedEntity(HttpEntity obj){
    downloadedObject = obj;
  public HttpEntity getDownloadedEntity(){
    return downloadedObject;
  public void setDownloadingObject(boolean processing){
    downloadingObject = processing;
  public boolean isDownloadingObject(){
    return downloadingObject;
  public void setDeleteingObject(boolean processing){
    deletingObjectProcessing = processing;
  public boolean isDeletingObject(){
    return deletingObjectProcessing;
  public void setDeletingContainer(boolean processing){
    deletingContainerProcessing = processing;
  public boolean isDeletingContainer(){
    return deletingContainerProcessing;
  public ArrayList<ContainerObjects> getCurFiles(){
    return curDirFiles;
  public void setCurFiles(ArrayList<ContainerObjects> files){
    curDirFiles = new ArrayList<ContainerObjects>();
    for(ContainerObjects obj : files){

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