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Java Source Code

//from   www.java2s.c  om
import android.util.Pair;

import com.iliakplv.notes.notes.AbstractNote;
import com.iliakplv.notes.notes.Label;
import com.iliakplv.notes.notes.NotesUtils;

import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.Set;

public interface NotesStorage {

  public static final Integer NOTES_FOR_ALL_LABELS = 0;
  public static final List<AbstractNote> EMPTY_NOTES_LIST = new ArrayList<AbstractNote>(0);

  // sort

  public boolean setNotesSortOrder(NotesUtils.NoteSortOrder notesSortOrder);

  // notes

  public AbstractNote getNote(Serializable id);
  public List<AbstractNote> getNotesForLabel(Serializable labelId); // for all notes use NOTES_FOR_ALL_LABELS
  public List<AbstractNote> getNotesForQuery(String searchQuery); // ignores case, spaces and empty strings

  public Serializable insertNote(AbstractNote note);
  public boolean updateNote(Serializable id, AbstractNote note);
  public boolean deleteNote(Serializable id);

  // labels

  public Label getLabel(Serializable id);
  public List<Label> getAllLabels();

  public Serializable insertLabel(Label label);
  public boolean updateLabel(Serializable id, Label label);
  public boolean deleteLabel(Serializable id);

  // notes_labels

  public List<Label> getLabelsForNote(Serializable noteId);
  public Set<Serializable> getLabelsIdsForNote(Serializable noteId);
  public Set<Pair<Serializable, Serializable>> getAllNotesLabelsIds();    // [not used]

  public Serializable insertLabelToNote(Serializable noteId, Serializable labelId);
  public boolean deleteLabelFromNote(Serializable noteId, Serializable labelId);

  // listeners

  public boolean addStorageListener(NotesStorageListener listener);
  public boolean removeStorageListener(NotesStorageListener listener);
  public List<NotesStorageListener> detachAllListeners();
  public void attachListeners(List<NotesStorageListener> listeners);

  // synchronization

  public void sync();

  // all data delete

  public void clear();

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