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Java Source Code

//from  w ww .j a v a 2  s .  c o  m

import android.util.Pair;

import com.iliakplv.notes.notes.AbstractNote;
import com.iliakplv.notes.notes.Label;
import com.iliakplv.notes.utils.AppLog;

import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.Set;

public final class StorageDataTransfer {

  private static final String TAG = StorageDataTransfer.class.getSimpleName();

  private static final NotesStorage storage = Storage.getStorage();

  private static List<AbstractNote> notesBackup;
  private static List<Label> labelsBackup;
  private static Set<Pair<Serializable, Serializable>> notesLabelsBackup;
  private static boolean backupPerformed = false;

  private static void backupCurrentStorage() {
    notesBackup = storage.getNotesForLabel(NotesStorage.NOTES_FOR_ALL_LABELS);
    labelsBackup = storage.getAllLabels();
    notesLabelsBackup = storage.getAllNotesLabelsIds();
    backupPerformed = true;

  private static void restoreBackup() {

    // Ids mapping
    final HashMap<Serializable, Serializable> notesOldToNewIdsMap =
        new HashMap<Serializable, Serializable>();
    final HashMap<Serializable, Serializable> labelsOldToNewIdsMap =
        new HashMap<Serializable, Serializable>();

    // restore notes
    for (AbstractNote note : notesBackup) {
      Serializable newId = storage.insertNote(note);
      notesOldToNewIdsMap.put(note.getId(), newId);

    // restore labels
    for (Label label : labelsBackup) {
      Serializable newId = storage.insertLabel(label);
      labelsOldToNewIdsMap.put(label.getId(), newId);

    // restore notes_labels
    for (Pair<Serializable, Serializable> noteIdLabelId : notesLabelsBackup) {
      Serializable newNoteId = notesOldToNewIdsMap.get(noteIdLabelId.first);
      Serializable newLabelId = labelsOldToNewIdsMap.get(noteIdLabelId.second);
      storage.insertLabelToNote(newNoteId, newLabelId);

  private static void checkBackupPerformed() {
    if (!backupPerformed) {
      throw new IllegalStateException("Backup not performed!");

  private static void clearCurrentStorage() {

  private static void clearBackup() {
    notesBackup = null;
    labelsBackup = null;
    notesLabelsBackup = null;
    backupPerformed = false;

  public static synchronized void changeStorageType(Storage.Type newStorageType, boolean clearCurrentStorage) {
    if (newStorageType == null) {
      throw new NullPointerException("New storage type is null");
    if (Storage.getCurrentStorageType() == newStorageType) {

    // event tracking state backup
    final boolean eventTrackingWasEnabled = EventTracker.isEnabled();
    // listeners backup
    final List<NotesStorageListener> listeners = Storage.getStorage().detachAllListeners();

// data transfer start

    if (clearCurrentStorage) {

    boolean newStorageInitialized = false;
    try {
      newStorageInitialized = true;
    } catch (Exception e) {
      AppLog.e(TAG, "Exception during storage initialization", e);

    // restore data to new initialized storage or
    // to old storage if new storage has not been initialized and old has been cleared
    if (newStorageInitialized || clearCurrentStorage) {


// data transfer end

    // listeners restore
    // event tracking state restore

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