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Java Source Code

package macbury.pod.db.models;
/*from ww  w.j a  v a  2  s.  com*/
import com.j256.ormlite.field.DataType;
import com.j256.ormlite.field.DatabaseField;
import com.j256.ormlite.table.DatabaseTable;

import macbury.pod.managers.player.PlaybackStatus;

 * Created by macbury on 23.09.14.
@DatabaseTable(tableName = "enqueue_episodes")
public class EnqueueEpisode {

  @DatabaseField(canBeNull = false, generatedId = true)
  public int      id;
  @DatabaseField(canBeNull = false, defaultValue = "0")
  public int      position;
  @DatabaseField(canBeNull = false, defaultValue = "0")
  public int      time;
  @DatabaseField(dataType = DataType.ENUM_STRING, defaultValue = "Pending")
  public PlaybackStatus status;
  @DatabaseField(foreign=true, foreignAutoRefresh=true)
  public Episode  episode;

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