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Java Source Code

package macbury.pod.managers.player.sources;
/*from   w ww  . j a v a  2 s  .  c  o  m*/

import macbury.pod.managers.player.PlaybackStatus;

 * Created by macbury on 25.09.14.
public abstract class AbstractMediaSource {
  protected PlaybackStatus status = PlaybackStatus.Pending;

  public abstract String getTitle();
  public abstract String getSummary();
  public abstract Uri getMediaUri();
  public abstract Uri getPreviewArtUri();
  public abstract boolean isLiveStream();

  public abstract void onPlay();
  public abstract void onPause();
  public abstract void onFinishPlayback();

  public abstract int getPosition();
  public abstract void setPosition(int duration);
  public abstract int getDuration();

  public PlaybackStatus getStatus() {
    return status;

  public void setStatus(PlaybackStatus status) {
    this.status = status;

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