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GNU General Public License

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Java Source Code

package com.example.publictransportation.modes;
// w w w  .j  a  va 2  s .  co  m
import android.content.res.Resources;

import com.example.publictransportation.R;
import com.example.publictransportation.profiles.AbstractProfile;
import com.example.publictransportation.sensors.AbstractSensor;
import com.example.publictransportation.sensors.ActivitySensor;
import com.example.publictransportation.sensors.CellSensor;
import com.example.publictransportation.sensors.SensorTypes;
import com.example.publictransportation.service.IModeManager;

public class MetroMode extends AbstractMode {
  Boolean underground;
  Boolean leavingMetro;
  final static String METRO_TUNNEL = "METRO_TUNNEL";
  public MetroMode(AbstractProfile profile, IModeManager manager) {
    super(profile, manager, "");
    // assumed per default when starting this mode
    underground = true;
    leavingMetro = false;
    // accessing the external resources to get list of cells
    Resources r = manager.getApplicationContext().getResources();
    int[] metroUndergroundCells = r.getIntArray(R.array.metro_underground_cells);
    int[] metroUndergroundCellsIgnore = r.getIntArray(R.array.metro_underground_cells_ignore);
    AbstractSensor metroCellSensor = new CellSensor(this, metroUndergroundCells, metroUndergroundCellsIgnore, METRO_TUNNEL);
    AbstractSensor activitySensor = new ActivitySensor(this, profile.getActivitySensorDelay(), profile.getDefaultActivitySensorCutoff());

  public void input(AbstractSensor sensor, String data) {
    if (sensor.getType() == SensorTypes.CELL) {
      underground = data.equals(CellSensor.NOTHING_FOUND)? false : true;
    else if (sensor.getType() == SensorTypes.ACTIVITY && data.equals(ActivitySensor.ON_FOOT)) {
      if (!underground) {
        leavingMetro = true;
    // input() should always end with a call to evaluate()

  protected void evaluate() {
    if (leavingMetro) {
      changeMode(ModeTypes.MOVING, "");

  public ModeTypes getType() {
    return ModeTypes.METRO;


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