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Java Source Code

package com.example.publictransportation.modes;
//from   www. jav a 2  s.c  o  m
import com.example.publictransportation.profiles.AbstractProfile;
import com.example.publictransportation.sensors.AbstractSensor;
import com.example.publictransportation.sensors.ActivitySensor;
import com.example.publictransportation.sensors.SensorTypes;
import com.example.publictransportation.service.IModeManager;

 * The point of this mode is to limit resource use.
 * The mode is triggered by another mode and then only enables the ActivitySensor.
 * Once we can safely say we are not moving, the mode switches to default again.
public class MovingMode extends AbstractMode {

  final int NOT_ON_FOOT_LIMIT = 1;
  final int TILTING_LIMIT = 2;

  int notOnFootCount;
  int tiltingCount;

  public MovingMode(AbstractProfile profile, IModeManager manager) {
    super(profile, manager, "");

    AbstractSensor activitySensor = new ActivitySensor(this, profile.getHighFrequencyDelay(), profile.getLowActivitySensorCutoff());

  public void input(AbstractSensor sensor, String data) {
    if (sensor.getType() == SensorTypes.ACTIVITY) {

      if (!data.equals(ActivitySensor.ON_FOOT)) {
        if(data.equals(ActivitySensor.TILTING)) {
          tiltingCount += 1;
        else {
          notOnFootCount += 1;
          tiltingCount = 0;

    // always end with call to evaluate()

  protected void evaluate() {

    // If counted 2 or more tilting results, change to Default Mode
    if (tiltingCount >= TILTING_LIMIT) {
      changeMode(ModeTypes.DEFAULT, "");
    // If counted more than 1 not on foot results, change to Default Mode
    else if(notOnFootCount >= NOT_ON_FOOT_LIMIT) {
      changeMode(ModeTypes.DEFAULT, "");

  public ModeTypes getType() {
    return ModeTypes.MOVING;

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