List of Free code Bluetooth


  • AdroidBluetooth
    Install this software to read sparkfun 9- D Bluetooth Data on Android ( 2.1).
  • Android BlTS
    Sends images over bluetooth.
  • Android Bluetooth Communication
    Android cihazlar?n bluetooth ile haberle?mesi - Chat.
  • apples android
    An Android /Bluetooth implementation of the game.
  • BeechaT
    A bluetooth communicator with many additional features which make chatting over bluetooth easier and more comfortable with your Android device.
  • Bluetooth Chat
    bluetooth chat android app.
  • Bluetooth Chat Multi
    Multi-device extension of the official Android Bluetooth Chat example.
  • Bluetooth Messenger
    Android Application that will allow users to chat via Bluetooth.
  • BluetoothSerial Chat
    Android application which can connect and communicate to any available bluetooth device using RFCOMM port. This is currently used for testing to establish the ability to pass information from an android device to a TI Stellaris Development board over bluetooth.
  • bluShutter
    Android camera app that sends photos via Bluetooth.
  • BSPAN Bluetooth Sensor Processing for Android
    BSPAN is a fork of SPINE (Signal Processing in Node Environment) to connect and process Bluetooth Sensors (e.g. Shimmer, NeuroSky, Zephyr BioHarness, etc.) on Android. The BSPAN framework is intended for creating Android biofeedback applications by integrating Bluetooth biofeedback sensors with Android.
  • BTkit
    Android bluetooth app to communicate to Arduino bluetooth component, fork from Android Bluetooth Chat sample.
  • BtSerial
    A Bluetooth Serial library for Processing for Android.
  • Chat Bluetooth
    Un chat haciendo uso de la API Bluetooth basado en la aplicaci?n de ejemplo de la documentaci?n oficial de Android.
  • Cheat Chat
    Android application - multi-user bluetooth chat for API v7+.
  • HeliumBiker Client Android
    A client for android to connect v?a bluetooth to Helium Game in Windows.
  • OPPNetwork
    Android Bluetooth Oportunistic Chat.
  • Remote Bluetooth Android
    A simple remote bluetooth application for Android phone.
  • soniferous
    An Android app that creates a soundscape from the local electronic environment: For each wifi, Bluetooth, or GPS signal detected, a different animal sound is played. The frequency and signal strength of the radio signal affect the pitch and volume of the animal sound.
  • Studiolink
    DSLR camera controller. Uses: bluetooth, Android , Arduino. Still in very early stages of development.
  • WIMMBTDemo
    This is a demo of Bluetooth connectivity on the WIMM One. This app is designed to work with the Bluetooth Chat sample code found in Android SDK 2.1 (API 7). It allows user to initiate a Bluetooth connection to an Android phone that has been previously.

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