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  • .NET Pet Shop MVC
    This project is the conversion of ASP.NET Pet Shop project into MVC. The .NET Pet Shop application is designed to show the best practices for building enterprise, n-tier .NET 2.0 applications that may need to support a variety of database platforms and deployment scenario. Thi...
  • ASP.NET Open Asset Database with CMDB
    Open Asset Database with CMDB allows you to define your own asset types & sub types specifying your own properties for each type. Define relationships and track Hardware & Software orders for inventory reporting to help with ITIL compliance. Developed in 4, C# & SQL 2008.
    COMIG means "Content Management Interface Generator". Using this program, you can automatically generate content management interfaces for your database driven ASP / ASP.NET websites. Within the generated ASP interface, users may log in and insert / update / delete content.
  • Enterprise Password Manager
    ASP.NET Web application for user password management designed to be run in a corporate environment. This application allows users to store various application passwords in a central database, users log into the application authenticating against Active Directory and data i...
  • Free Discussion Forum In and C#
    Free Discussion Forums - is light and absolutely free discussion forum software built on 2.0 and supporting MS Access Database. It is SEO friendly as well. Visit for live forum and downloadable free source code. Admin can crea...
  • MvcAccount
    Authentication and account management plugin for ASP.NET MVC. MvcAccount is a substitute for MembershipProvider designed for ASP.NET MVC, that provides more features and the ability to store username/password and other related data in your own database.
  • MySqlBackup.NET - MySQL Backup Solution for C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET
    A class for backup and restore of MySQL database in C#/VB.NET/ASP.NET and supports data of UTF8 characters.
  • NeatUpload
    The NeatUpload ? ASP.NET component allows developers to stream uploaded files to storage (filesystem or database) and allows users to monitor upload progress. It is open source and works under Mono's XSP/mod_mono as well as Microsoft's ASP.NET implementation.
  • Northwind Web Demo
    Demo of ASP.NET MVC 3 using the Northwind Database.

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